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Śląska Sieć Metropolitalna – topical technologies
Information is an asset of today’s economy. The world processes billions of data every second. Global circulation of information is assured by Fibre-optic communication network. We are one of the coauthors of this exchanging system. Śląska Sieć Metropolitalna LCC is the leading provider of modern communications infrastructure.

Our prescribed assignment is to make the best use of frequencies in the construction of coherent development of telecommunication of all partners of the agreement.

In our activities we went beyond the range of public service

We are the first local government operator of data communication network in Poland. The copartnership as a whole belongs to Gliwice’s local government.

Since its establishment in 2009, we have been working to develop telecommunications infrastructure and increase the accessibility to broadband internet on the silesian metropolis’ area. For that we are using Fibre-optic communication network to connect with local government units. Reservation of the band is a result of cooperation of self-government units, which under the leadership of Gliwice won the tender for the frequency licence in the area of 24.2.
We successfully deliver services for the private sector. We offer a variety of modern solutions, from telecommunication infrastructure elements leasing, IT solutions, server services, IP telephony, industrial video surveillance, to multimedia advertising, consulting concerning innovations and outsourcing.

We are basing our activity on the hybrid technology, which involves radio and Fibre-optic communication networks. As partners of the acknowledged IT equipment manufacturers we provide solutions of supreme standard. We have carried many serious projects, including creating video surveillance in Gliwice, implementation of the Inteligent Transportation System (ITS) in this city, development of the data communication network on the area of 14 boroughs, which all together cover an area of 800 square kilometers, Silesianet and extension of Silesianet Gliwice.

We recieve EU fundings for our projects, research and development concerning smart specialisation, as well as renewable sources of energy.

The greatest asset of our copartnership is our personnel. We have a certified and educated staff at our disposal.

By the establishment of Śląska Sieć Metropolitalna we wanted to form a telecommunications network and devolve it upon an entity which would be dependent on the local government. It’s foundation was a representation of the local government’s and citizens’ needs concerning development of the telecommunication services.

Our network was built as a hybrid based on radio and Fibre-optic network. Thus we are the Infrastructural Operator. Basing on this technology different services are provided, including, among others, link lease, data, video and audio transmission for corporate clients, municipal government’s units, non-governmental organisations, individual clients and others.

As of today, the Śląska Sieć Metropolitalna bases its avtivity on the 3600-3800 Mhz frequency in the tender area 24.2 reserved by the Office of Electronic Communications for the benefit of the City of Gliwice and partner cities of the agreement until 31 December 2022.

Zygmunt Frankiewicz
Mayor of Gliwice

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