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Paid Parking Zone

Benefits of introducing the Paid Parking Zone:

  • Increase in the availability of free parking spaces in the city centre
  • An encouragement to use public transport
  • Less cars in the city centre

Paid Parking Zone

The Paid Parking Zone is to make finding a free parking space easier in the centre of Gliwice. Furthermore, the traffic will lessen, the renewed streets of Starówka will be free from congested traffic and the air we all breathe will be cleaner. The Paid Parking Zone is functioning since August 3, 2015.

Finding a free parking spot in the city centre in the afternoon was not an easy task to do until now. Parking your car and doing your things in the city required a lot of time and patience. Now – it has changed.

After introducing the Zone, early effects are visible – there are many free spaces.


more information about Paid Parking Zone

A system used for identifying free parking spaces is to simplify the life of drivers. Due to magnetic sensors and software the system is constantly updating changes in the movement of vehicles.

Present-day functions of the parking metres do not represent their full potential. Units which can be found in other cities are used only for paying parking fees. Gliwice took a step forward. Units found on our streets and car parks are no ordinary parking meters. These are so called PIAPs (Public Administration Information Point) – multi-purpose devices used not only for paying for parking space.

Soon, topping up your phone, paying your bills, purchasing tickets for cultural events or checking the bus or train timetable will be possible using PIAPs.



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