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Video surveillance

Our fields of interests

We can launch and conduct video surveillance of both urban areas and any site. Our assets are experience and knowledge obtained during the establishment of municipal video surveillance in Gliwice. Services we offer:

  • Flexible system which allows for creating solutions appropriate to demand
  • Construction of efficient networks
  • Footage recording
  • Facilitating recorded footage to proper services

IP Cameras

We offer an installation of video surveillance based on the new technological solutions which use high resolution cameras with innovative video streaming based on IP network.

The technology of data transmission using radio signal enables the creation of vast video surveillance structures in urban and industrial areas. Due to this technology it is possible to conjoin multiple locations into one, efficient network and obtain data in quick and easy way.

The footage is saved by local recorders, but also in the main server where data is stored for a period of time designated by our customer. IP cameras increase the efficiency of existing systems and enable integration of the video surveillance into modern, controlled network.


We offer only leading-edge solutions considering CCTV video surveillance. We are partners with MILESTONE – the leader of the industry. Among used solutions there are also companies like EXACQ and VIVOTEC. Due to in-depth knowledge of the subject backed up with the Milestone Advanced Certification we are able to offer you professional service and software.
We combine comprehensive and substantive preparations with practical knowledge of the subject.
Our greatest achievement is designing and modernisation of the constantly developing system of municipal video surveillance in the city of Gliwice. The services of Śląska Sieć Metropolitalna consist of consulting, designing, implementation and administration diversified video surveillance systems.

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